Muse Bar

A better way to control your music from the Touch Bar

Like many MacBook Pro users, I found the music controls on the Touch Bar really bad. Going to the previous/next song require 2 taps instead of one, because you must expand the control strip.

I saw a project called Muse that wasn’t maintained well and didn’t support the new Music app in Catalina, so I decided to fork it, fix the issues it had and now it works great!

When you open Muse Bar you'll see a new button at the leftmost part of the control strip on your Touch Bar, displaying album art and playback action.

  • Tap to play/pause.
  • Flick left/right to go to the previous/next song.
  • Long tap to show Muse Bar controls.

Spotify, Apple Music and Vox are currently supported. The app automatically guesses the right player to control basing on availability and playback notifications.

Supports all Macs with the Touch Bar, macOS Sierra 10.12.2 and later.